martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

Poemas en el trabajo - #16

poemas en el trabajo 16 -

now they hurt like i never thought they would
i think i can't stand it anymore

they don't do any good now
they look better with your letters in the fire

i'm not strong enough for this
i need someone to hold me right now

no one's like you,
i hate to admit it

nor your eyes
nor your face
nothing is here
with me, in this place

birds in the grass
the bar now is closed
and my eyes were all red
when i went to my bed

that day you looked at the sky
and with fear in your mouth you said
i'm afraid to die

now you're with him
you're fearing no more
but my body still shakes
when i remember your voice

and now my hope
is to find someone else
i'm grabing the rope
i'll throw it away

i guess someday
i'll see you again

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